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It is not surprising that almost everyone in the world now knows about AIDS. This disease is an equally chance killer and thousands of people have died from this disease in the last century. Thousands more were infected and will die during the next century. There is no cure and there is only a drug regime you can use to control HIV and prevent it completely overwhelming your body and immune system. Another drawback is that patients can easily develop resistance to drugs requiring the use of new drugs. The whole process may seem like a vicious cycle that ultimately results in death and several people dying from multi-drug resistance and AIDS being blown to the brim.

But of the thousands infected and slowly progressing towards full AIDS; there are some lucky ones who somehow managed to keep the disease under control without the need for drugs. Most drugs work to prevent the HIV virus from replicating and eventually overloading the immune system. But this fortunate pool of long-term nonprogressors managed to do just that without any medicinal aid! Although the researchers are unsure of exactly what happened, the entire process was nothing short of miraculous. The bodies of long-term nonprogressors were successful in keeping the HIV virus from replicating while still having stable CD4 viral counts in their bodies. These lucky long-term nonprogressors are few and far between the formation of about one in 300 infected with HIV.

The main reason for interest is that some of these blessed ones may actually hold the promise of functional vaccines in their blood, genes or diet. But no one can figure out exactly what makes them unique. According to the CDC, long-term nonprogressors can be called that if

HIV positive for seven years or more

Have a CD4 T cell count of 600 cells per cubic millimeter of blood or more for several years

Do not or have never suffered from an HIV-related disease,

And never had antiretroviral therapy before.

It becomes very important for some of these blessed people to recognize their condition and donate their tissues, blood and cells and whatever is needed for further medical research in AIDS.

FOR ALL LONG-TERM NON-PROGRESS OUT THERE – you can store future AIDS vaccines in your blood. All you have to do is take the time to contribute your little to help millions of sick people.